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“Seven lives wouldn’t be enough...”


for humans to undo their mistakes

because they are inerasable

and repeated in a pattern

like the stripes of a cat.


for getting to know yourself.

Our soul shows itself in endless facades

like there would be no end,

just as in a ball of wool.


for getting happy with yourself.

You can’t always fall on your legs

because life lessons are needed

and those begin with getting up.


to escape from your bad conscience

because it would chase you like the

prey the predator into a life of insecurity.


to learn how to avoid hurting others.

Although we aren’t cats

and do not own the seven lives of

them we do have the claws of an animal.


Still I would rather be a human

because in that one precious life

I would be able to dream

while cats can’t even dream about that,

and I could even dream seven flawless lives

and the world could wait...



By Vivien Kis