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Second Poetry Prize Winner - Winter 2013-2014


of Henleaze, Bristol - United Kingdom



“Of Changes”

By Tom Bedford




From time’s harsh coils flies judgement’s cruel divide;


And ne’er accepts the darkness in the heart.


The purest pitch of beauty, strength and mind;


With one foul move incurs love to depart.


The flame o’a candle wavers thin in the dark- No


Light on my world is the light of your passion.


Yet the heat does subside to scar tissue,


A power arisen leaving naught but the ash’n.


Yet live forever now and ‘till never! Speak your


Golden speech in tones of sugar and soft streams.


Laugh your silver-tongue that makes me poor.


Slip one diamond heel back into the portrait of dreams.


Yet dream forever now unto the dawn.


On the shores of Eternity, there can we mourn?





#   #   #   #   # 

 About Tom Bedford:
I am an 18-year-old enthusiastic writer, writing poetry, prose and drama. I am applying to a university to study Literature with Creative Writing, with future aspirations of writing in some capacity for screen, novels or poetry. I believe in poetry that a good performance is half the battle and write my poems with this in mind. I take my inspiration from that which happens to me and others. I am applying to this contest in the attempt to get my poetry read by other people, as previously my work has had limited or no audience.


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