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Third Poetry Prize Winner - Winter 2013-2014


Sylvia Behnish 

of Surrey, British Columbia, Canada 






by Sylvia Behnish


As a young mother of five, I thought life was great,

Instead of joining the rat race doing work I would hate,

I stayed home with my children and taught them to be kind,

To love, and to share, and to care, and to mind.

We went on excursions I knew they would like,

We played games, we’d cuddle, and sometimes we’d bike.


Our home was a place other children came to,

And often the line-up was long at the loo,

A three-story tree house we had high in our trees,

And one day I counted twelve boys through the leaves.

The forts that they built covered the floor,

With hardly a path there was to the door.


And when it was bedtime, we made it a game,

We’d race down the hallway; it was always the same.

They’d beat me by a long, long mile,

But I’d give them a kiss and then I’d smile,

And say, “Next time I’ll win, you wait and see.”

They’d just grin their mischievous grins at me.


To stay at home when our children are small,

To nurture and love them and not let them fall,

There’s joy in a child and a friend when we’re old,

We reap what we sow or so we’ve been told,

When small faces light up with love for you,

Nothing is a sacrifice when we love them too.


Now that they’ve grown, the years seem short,

I miss their laughs and even the fort,

But what of those who don’t stay home,

Leaving their children, the world they roam,

The child they’ve missed and do not know,

Who never visits — Oh, the seeds they sow!

 #   #   #


 Sylvia Behnish, writer of fiction and non-fiction, has had articles published in newspapers and magazines in both Canada and the United States and received honourable mention in the Writer's Digest 2012 Annual Writing Competition. Some of the publications are: The RV Times, Northwest Travel, Our World, Family Connections, The Now and the Vancouver Province. Writing is a close second to being mother to five children and grandmother of seven grandchildren. Besides writing, family and travelling, she also has several blogs. They are: www.progressofabraininjury.blogspot.com - concerns the progress of a brain injury - Follow up to A Roller Coaster Ride with Brain Injury (For Loved One!) www.sbehnish.blogspot.com - Talks, Tales, Thoughts and Things - www.sebehnish.blogspot.com - Explore and Discover. Besides writing "A Roller Coaster Ride with Brain Injury (For Loved Ones), she has also written 'His sins' and 'Life's Challenges - A Short Story Collection.'


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