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Dream Quest One Third Writing Prize Winner

Winter 2009-2010


Stephanie Ganzeveld

of Atlanta, Georgia, USA




In my sleep I’ve dreamed many things, like when monsters are chasing me or when I’m in a super strange village where no one talks, but I guess that’s not what you want to hear. My dream, my goal in life, is to write a New York Times #1 Best Seller. I’ll take just the ‘seller’ part even. I love to write, and hope to be a future author some day.


Sometimes I’ll write for fun. I’ll just sit down on my purple chair and write whatever comes to mind. I personally like to write stories and poetry, but I’m not as good in it. I’m currently writing a fantasy story, and it’s one of the best things I’ve ever written. I’ve started many stories, but I’m just not good at ending them. If I can’t end this story I’m writing now, I’m going to be very disappointed in myself, but I’ll try harder and harder and harder.


It’s probably my confidence that keeps me from giving up. I’ll try and try again, until something just clicks. Or pops. Or booms. Or makes a story. Writing is a talent that I have and many others have; for example, all the people who are writing to this contest. Writing is like a friend to me. You know how you always have ups and downs with a friend; you have the same thing with a talent from writing to football. I won’t always come up with a great idea, poem, or story, and a football player won’t always score a touchdown, field goal, or what ever else they can score. A talent can be your worst enemy or your best friend at any time.


My other dream related to writing would be to meet Rick Riordan, author of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. He created in my opinion the best books in the world. I love the humor, personalities, and determination of the characters and I love the adventure, excitement, and thrills of his books. The way the story is written is amazing and it seems almost inhuman to write such a fantastic series. If I could ever write like that I would wake up feeling extremely powerful and amazing, because almost no one can write like that.


Almost no one can sing the national anthem as so and so, and no one can dance as good as so and so. We can always try. Try doesn’t mean that we stand up whisper a song, forget most of the words and then sit down. To try doesn’t mean that we jump up and down and say we’re dancing. To try is to keep going. Rick Riordan probably tried really hard. He’s a human being just like you, her, him, or me but we don’t try as hard.


If we don’t try we don’t give 110% effort. I give a 110% effort in almost everything I do. I’ll continue to write. I’ll hopefully write a few novels in my life. I’ll make my talent my friend, and use it till it’s all gone and cleverly manipulated. I’ll continue to dream. Maybe if I dream long and hard enough, my dreams will come true. People have said that dreams come true, but I’ve never heard anyone say that dreams don’t come true.


# # #


By Stephanie Ganzeveld