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                                                     By Sean Ludwig



I never reach the end of a day

Where I feel I have completed it.

Nothing is done, finished

According to my own mind.

Could be better, could be more


A word which I will never be

Able to rightfully use.

A word which no mortal man has ever or will have enough

Time on Earth to understand.

Only in a place where age

Is non-existent, where moments

Are as eternal as the language

Of the winds- Only in a place

Where time is impossible and movement is infinite

Will perfection really take place.

And to find this place, one must

Look between two pages of a book,

Or underneath a rock where only

Earth could dwell. Then, in that

Second, perhaps one will find

A moment of perfection, and in

The reality of his own thought

Use it to make the right decision.

This, as a contradiction to what

One assumes, could be that very

Timeless place we all seek.

But maybe someday, someone will

Notice it and not let it pass by

Thinking it was just another ordinary moment.

By Sean Ludwig

of Atlanta, Georgia –USA