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Dream Quest One Third Poetry Prize
Winner - Winter 2014 - 2015
of Tokyo, Japan

“Autumn Shadows”


In the blustery haze of autumn,

Waves topped with manes of windblown spray

Tumble and slide,

Rumble and sigh;

Millions of bubbly fingers

Trilling on the smooth sand.

We stand side by side,

Our voices stolen by the wind.

You say something,

And I do not hear.

But your mirage shadows,

Like flickering puppets in the evening air,

Blend with the shadows of my mind.

You turn to me with a wispy smile,

And all the frayed pieces lock silently into place.


#   #   #


About the poet: I come from southern New Zealand. I am currently living on the edge of Tokyo City, working as a freelance translator and writer, but my heart will always remain in New Zealand. This poem was inspired by memories of my homeland when I experienced a feeling of déjà vu at a beach in autumn, south of Tokyo. ~Ryusuke Kawachi


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