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“A Better Life”



When will the life that everybody follows end?

People have a choice in this world, but they choose material things.

People believe that money is the cure to their problems,

For those people who have more money,

It is just a separation from others who don’t have any.

Love may be an alien like word for those can’t see the full potential,

When it takes sanctuary in each individual.

When the wealthy are separated from the poor and

Laws encouraged the discrimination and segregation

of African Americans and whites,

Love is the only answer.

The clouds have darkened through time, instead of us learning inside.

When people stop killing people and children stop being abused,

When mothers, fathers, and children stop being killed in war,

When hate has stopped ruling us and we stop growing hot embers in our minds,

Then love would take more small steps around the world.

Hate is the poison to this world, slowly eating us alive.

Can we decide to and act upon a life without distrust in one another and,

Understand each individual for whom they are inside and,

Love them with the love we have?


When people realize what they have in life, and

When the waters of life calm from the roaring tides,

Then love would be the understanding of all, and

Then beings on Earth would finally get a chance to sleep without disturbance.

Love is the reason we are alive on earth,
To help us move along to the better life.


My name is Ryan Shepler (Age: 15)
I go to school at Plumfield Academy and I am in the 10th grade. I enjoy reading, writing, poetry and listening to music on my free time. I enjoy talking about life and coming up with green ideas. I enjoy sports and eating all kinds of food. I am a good student and I'm leading a good life now. Right now things are looking bright in my future.