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Dream Quest One Poetry & Writing Contest – Winter 2017 – 2018

Postmark deadline: February 28, 2018 at 11:59 PM, Pacific Standard Time (PST)

All poems must be written or translated into English language, 30 lines or fewer, must be neatly hand printed or typed, using single or double line spacing, on any subject, theme, style, shape, or form. All entries must be original works.

All short stories may be on any subject or theme, written or translated into English language. For example, any fiction, non-fiction, creative nonfiction, essays, diary, screenwriting, stage plays, and journal entries are accepted. Contestants will enter their short stories neatly hand printed or typed, using single or double line spacing, within a maximum of (5) pages or less. All entries must be original works.

You may submit entries to both the poetry contest and the writing contest, simultaneously.

Multiple entries are accepted.

The entry fee is $5.00 per poem. The entry fee is $10.00 per short story.

If sending entry fees via mail, Dreamquestone.Com accepts cash, money orders, cashiers checks and personal checks. All fees must be paid in the form of US dollars. Combined payments are accepted (multiple entries, multiple contests).

Mail payment to:

Dream Quest One
Poetry & Writing Contest
P.O. Box 3141
Chicago, IL 60654


1. Print out the entry form.

2. Fill out the entry form with your current and accurate information.

3. Include story(ies)/poem(s) -Contest entries must be either neatly hand printed or typed and submitted with the poet’s or writer’s name, address, phone# and email address (if applicable) in the upper left-hand corner of your work. Repeat method for multiple submissions.

4. Include payment of $5.00 for each poem entered. Include $10.00 for each short story entered. Send a (S.A.S.E) self-addressed stamped envelope for entry receipt.

5. Make personal checks, cashier’s checks, and money orders payable to “DREAMQUESTONE.COM”. Cash is accepted but sent at your own risk.

Instructions for Electronic Entries:

1. Please click on the PayPal links below to enter a contest. PayPal entry fee payment(s) must be made before submitting your poetry and writing contest entries.

2. The entry fee of $7.00 for each poem and $12.00 for each short story submission will be entered. (Note: Electronic submissions required a two dollar ($2.00) transaction fee to be included with the entry fee). After completing the transaction, send your poems and short stories electronically by email to the following address:


3. Entries sent electronically must be sent as email attachments in a word processing document such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Notepad, Word Perfect, Open Office Document. Poetry Contest Entry or Writing Contest Entry must be typed in the subject line of the email. The information requested on the entry form can be either included in the Word document or typed into the attached email. If included in the Word document, entry form information should be on the first page. The entry must be on a separate page from the entry form information.

4. You will have to repeat these steps for the poems/short stories you wish to enter.

5. Multiple entries into both poetry and writing contest are accepted.

Important Notice: Entrants cannot send payment by mail and submit electronically. Either both payments and entries must be sent by postal mail or both must be sent electronically via email.


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