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“Senorita where your dreams right now I ask myself”


I shook my head as I remembered in my patterned mushroomed helmet as I drove off


Of the special half – squared baked loafy ideas that had died from several bullets


I dreamt when I was just seven of being a ballerina in fiery stars in a sequined world


But all I had was a postcard decorated in marbled gold and love tokens hidden in my stockings


I dreamt when I was a strong-minded twenty of being a billionaire and superstar


But all I had was stars in my twinkling eye just swallowing the heartache of failure


I dreamt when I was thirty of being a super mum in a continuous holiday mood


But all I had was a dream squashed as my children went into social nominal care


I dreamt when I was forty of recovering my youth and spitting out the dirty wrinkly ideas


But all I had was a dream re knitted in the warmest glow of sparkling love and tender care


So when I was fifty I decided to dream of reaching out to others and fulfilling their delicious dreams


I remembered no toxic smell to draw me into a false sense of the past or vivid nightmare paintings


I remembered inspirational paintings and romantic smells that ushered me into a golden future


Such as the gorgeous sunflowers of Van Gough and the rosy smell of the queen of the night


And now I am sixty one I dream of living in a magical island far away from the disturbing crowd


I dream of peace radiating into our inner beings and then like an automated billing machine


Bringing world love and energy in pendulum swings of political imbalance in the universe


How I dream that war on religion will disappear like a mirage does on a hot summer day


How I dream that the war on poverty will be erased from the politics of tomorrow


And so I dream one day not to live forever but for my matured dreams to come to live a life


By Pamela Odunaiya