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You make me feel so good and I want you so bad

 I would do anything for you

 I can’t have you all the time and when I do have you I want the feeling forever

 But it never stays and that just makes me want you more

 When I see you and know that you are there I feel safe

 But when you’re not here I think about you and wonder

 Will I ever have you again?

 I know it’s not normal to feel this way

 Sometimes I get angry and hope I never see you again

 You have become more important that the rest of my life and everything in it

 But that feeling doesn’t last

 I start to want you again I think I can’t go on without you

 I think I’m not the same person without you and I believe you make me a better person

 I know you can’t help me. in the end you will only hurt me

 You could be the death of me

 But I don’t want to think about the end I just want to think about the next time I’ll have you

 I feel like I am being used by you, but I am the user

 I hate you and everything about you except the way you make me feel about myself

 And I know this is a false feeling and inside I hate that too

 I will leave you someday and realize that I can make myself feel better about me than you ever did

 You may always be around but you won’t always be part of me

 You will die alone because the only way you can die is if you are not a part of


anyone’s life.

By Mike Acklin

of Hale, Missouri, USA


"To express how you feel about something, sometimes you must look through other eyes. It helps you to understand all the whys that you never get answered." ~Mike Acklin 

About the author
: I am 33 years old and have 6 children and a beautiful wife. I have after many years started college courses that have reminded me how much I enjoy writing. I work in Retail and enjoy spending time with my children. I have always wanted to write more after visiting your website. I got enough courage to submit two poems. Thank you for your time.