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Third Poetry Prize Winner - Summer 2013
is Micaela Ruiz Camauer
of Cuidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina

“What remains”



Another sleepless rise

Troubled memories have kept me awake

It’s mostly angst and confusion.

A yearning for connection.

For a wise word.

And it’s an endless vice to try and understand.

The unthinkable. The unbearable.

And when the hurt becomes overwhelming,

And the sorrow overflows,

All barriers cede,

All emotions are freed.

And then there’s not a glimpse of clarity,

Only a rocking agony.


And one helplessly desires to feel whole again.

Standing up. Fighting back.

But the absence is never recovered.

What was will never return.

And it seems excessive for life to expect that one can be the same again.

Part of who you are was taken.

Your identity lost.

Your soul tossed.


Time may heal,

But the scars remain.


Smiles can help you rise again.

They’ll help you hide.

Make you pretend.


“What remains”

a poem by — Micaela Ruiz Camauër
I am 19 years old, living in Buenos Aires and studying Communication at U.B.A. I love cooking, photograph, and of course writing! I dream about dedicating my life to this passion, and hopefully publishing many books : )