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Cold Emotion

The church was solemn

Gray and bleak

As the bishop turned to speak,

No tears would flow.

Words of God

Spoken to his now cold follower.

The priest’s attempts at humor seeming odd,

Still, no tears would flow.

I recalled his deeds

His actions, words,

Vows, pledges, and creeds,

Still, no tears would flow

I went home, heard my keys fall

Pondering the bleakness

And grief of it all,

Still, no tears would flow.

Then, I saw a photo of him

A grin on his face, happier

Than I’ve ever seen him, ever.

Then, and only then,

Tears flowed.

By Liam Yates

Age: 14

(On the death of my grandfather)

Liam Yates is a freshman at Broughton High School in Raleigh, NC. He is an honor student, budding writer and actor who performs frequently at NRACT (North Raleigh Arts and Creative Theater). His writing interests lie in writing poetry on varied subjects and science fiction stories. "Cold Emotion" was written after leaving the funeral service for his paternal grandfather. Liam resides in Raleigh, NC with his parents, younger brother and sister.