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Third Poetry Prize Winner - Summer 2012
of Eden Prairie, Minnesota







Cookoo-cookoo says the cockatoo

Flying near by on the avenue

Watching the witches mix the brew

Thinking the goo is long-over due

Cookoo-cookoo says the cockatoo


Adding a pinch of sugar and spice

Spiders and roaches and maybe some mice

The eldest witch gave the good advice

To never put in an ingredient twice


Cookoo-cookoo says the cockatoo

Did the vernal witch just put in a shoe?

He should have kept flying

But it’s to late now

The witches did see him

And invite him to chow


The cockatoo fly’s in to sample the goo

He sits down all ready to chew on the brew

The sad thing is, that he has no clue

Because sooner or later he’ll be dinner for two


About the poet:

Laurel Bertomeu. I am eleven years old and I have a sister who is seven and I have a pet fish, hermit crab, and a family dog. I love to play tennis, soccer and ride my bike. My friends and I like to go swimming.