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The phantom of the dark



I lay my head upon the pillow.

another sleepless night awaits

my spirit relives the daylight hours

encountering the phantom of the dark.

I dry my saddened eyes

of the tears shed quietly

shattered in the loneliness


A mother,

her dreams of blooming green horizons

to recall the flowers of the land

dissolved by the insane hurricane


Cry mother,

the sky knows your secret

the eyes are needed for this too

don’t torture your soul

the wrinkles speak of your pain

weakening the heart

And...Mother Mary

cries tears of blood,

having tortured the flesh of her flesh

in a dull abominable noon.

On the third day She

smiled once more

of a peaceful joy

breathing life back into life.


Don’t cry mother,

dream again, light up hope

for one day the light will brush your lips

and the nights will be free of the phantom

rescinding the pungent and penetrating pain.


By Laura Ficco


Laura Ficco is from Genova, but she lives in Assemini, Ca, Sardinia. She

was born as artist in 1980, she's a painter who uses many different techniques for her paints. She takes part in different exhibitions with her works. She started writing poems in 2003, but this passion had already

started when she was a teenager. Sensitive are the themes of her poems. 

Laura takes part in many cultural events of music and poetry, these shows are set at "Palazzo Vice-regio" in Cagliari, in many literary clubs and in Sardinia's theatres.