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"Shame Was My Sin"

So heavy, I’m crouched down bent over I can’t stand or straighten myself.  This weight, the weight of my sins darkness all around me, wait a voice has found me and It’s like thunder, shame it yells shame shame on you for dying with no insurance, shame for leaving your kids on your mother to raise, shame for smoking crack and shortening your days.  I’m cringing and constantly my body seems to be bowing and bending lower, I can’t move, my life flashes before my eyes and I hear a snickering voice hiss the words you lose.  When I open my eyes I’m still here in this natural world, but there’s something missing maybe it was just my brain going completely insane, then Jesus says Softly no it’s gone I took your shame

By Latrina S. Buchanan

of Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

My name is Latrina Buchanan. I write poetry and also have recently completed an apparel design course and earned my certificate. I was published by the International Poetry Library in a poem book titled, A Surrender to the Moon.  This Gift is from God and I give Him all the praise and glory and credit.