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Second Poetry Prize Winner Summer 2012


of Bellevue, Washington



The story of an umbrella lost in the wind



I was always a bunch of lost thoughts, young and baffled thoughts


But she was serene and calm


We surveyed those countless specks, that night a stretch of blue


The desert winds ruffling our words


‘Isn’t this a marvel?”


I manage to speak:” The lights change from day to night, as perfectly as they should


What with all our cares and burdens today


As we lie here on the grass


Only this piece of earth is real


Our little worries will race past us


Every prayer shall be answered, every wish shall come true!”


She listened and just listened, seeing stars beyond my sight.


Sometimes a lake, sometimes a sea


Sometimes a flute, sometimes a poet’s whim


Sometimes the laws of nature


And sometimes the warmth of coffee


She has been it all and I know her for long



As we chased trails rough and obscure


Her hands never left mine.


Now I am just an umbrella;


Speckled and checkered


Drifting in the wind


Above Pacific waters


Singing of eos and eventide


I know I am a vagrant on the mountains


Shielding myself with these old paintings.


Through rain and through sunshine


I become some traveler’s shade for a blink


Only to move farther away


To the unknown.




About the poet:
Lakshmi Palaparambil Dinesh (age: 25) I am currently doing a lot of work with numbers and trying to explore life. Poetry has always been a passion. This one is about my best friends and how they shaped my life.