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(  “  Get Lost  ”  ) 

You don’t need to tell me that you don’t love me anymore as it’s reading all over your face,

You don’t need to explain yourself, there’s the road, get lost You don’t need to look back as there is nothing here for you to see, as I hang my head to cry my loudest cry, down by the waterfront as her sweet kisses did.

Not less long only her savage lies to be whipped like a dog; I was better off playing it safe reading Mad Magazines never to unfold love is only for fools thinking it will; Less and later she got fat and me and myself and I we just did not care as the years came flying like there’s no tomorrow as I made it big to create my Own (  You Idiot Magazine  )  to enslave the world just like Harry Potter fans too spend there money to no end;

To attack within, going to sea just like a good monster as my aircraft just landed across the good (USA) just like a hungry beast and never mind about ( Global );

Hell, I was a good kid until she got her claws in me as only the ( President ) can lie to you never to get fired just like Paris Hilton and now they ask if she got special treatment. Do I have to spell it out for you? I am not a real doctor but I play one in TV as everything is staged; We pay them to make me look good just like in commercials as women to enjoy cleaning after those pigs with a great smile just to talk about soap; Everything shining white that was in the day of the caveman and now they feed us lies as we are close to dead just like always.

So get lost girl.  La End…

By Jesus “JB” Martinez,

of Del Rio, Texas -USA

Jr. Age 54