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"Last Night, I Dreamed of You"

By Jazipoet

Last night, I dreamed of you

You & I

Lost in a midnight rendezvous

Danced with you on the ocean floor

Till I began to beg for more

Took a magic carpet ride, through the nights sky

In the morning he left me wondering why

Why things have to be so complicated

Off this love we created

Last night, I dreamed of you

On a beach of pure black sand

Became one, with the best kiss I ever had

Letting go of it all, underneath a waterfall

Let him plant his seed, deep inside of me

The connection between me & he

Might one day; make three

Last night, I dreamed of you

In a log cabin, nestled among a snow capped mountain

 I’d succumb to your charms & die repeatedly in your arms

He joked, I wanted his last name

Told him, secretly he wanted the same

But this Aries fire, don‘t try to tame

Last night, I dreamed of you

Now my eyes hit daylight

Everything about this dream feels right

You & I

& this love so new

Lost in a midnight rendezvous

I know this much is true

I’ve really fallen for you...


Copyright © 2007 Blu Peony Inc.

By Jazipoet

of Park Forest, Illinois, USA


About the author: Jazipoet is an observer of life. Heavily influenced by music and the world around her. She takes her thoughts, wishes, hopes, dreams, observations and tranforms them into free flowing verse. Deeply inside her head all the time, she wrote her first poem at 13 years old and has been writing privately ever since. After a series of liberating events, she began a myspace blog in the summer of 2007 in an effort to share her art with the world. Now solely focused on her passion for writing, she is actively pursuing her dream. She resides in Chicago, IL.