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"What’s left of our living years….."

By Ivy Koshy


In this world, it seems as if only certain people are chosen to be successful

Why is it that only few are found to be so intelligent, wealthy and beautiful?

One begins to wonder where that leaves the rest of us

Isolated? Cold? And hungry residing in no place but an empty bus?

It is rare for people to achieve great accomplishments, though we all strive to be the best

But only a few will you find happy, wealthy and well dressed

Perhaps it is not the issue of injustice but rather a matter of fate

That only some are born to be great

But they say everyone can achieve greatness, for destiny lies in the hands of every man

And maybe that’s true, maybe we all really can

But if one can control the unfortunate losses, misery and tragedies from occurring in this life

That would certainly be miraculous, because the truth is, no one can avoid obstacles, pain or strife

So how is it then that others are thriving, blossoming and even soaring to new heights??

How is it that some are able to hold on with all their might??

Does not one tire of perpetual misery and distress?

It seems as if we only encounter people when they’re at their best….

But perhaps everyone has their own set of troubles

Even the happiest intimate couples……

So whether these successful people put on a façade or simply display a fake act of elation

It is not our place to judge, taunt and disregard them, but rather understand their situation

Because at the end of the day we all just want the same things, to be jovial, in love and to achieve our dreams

And for that matter, none of it is as easy as it seems

So we have to realize that for some of us finding that purpose in life may not be so leisurely

But no matter what the cost, we must find it happily

So whether some grow up to be successful models, comedians, writers, actors or stars

We have to remember that the rest of us have also come very far

All of us are remarkably special in our own individualistic way and we must tell ourselves that everyday

Therefore, we must not let oppression, anguish, jealousy and sorrow take a hold of what’s left of our living years

Instead we must continue to grow strong, resilient, and hopeful in order to face our fears….



About the author:

I am Ivy, a junior from NC school, and I am interested in writing short stories and poems. It is what I truly enjoy doing in my spare time. I hope to get a small recognition from the two poems I have written and hope you enjoy reading it. Thanks!