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"Fellow Men"

With swords and arrows it started

And now nuclear weapons are founded.

Since ages and men still fight

Over money and a rock so bright.

Oh God I ask you why

You’ve made them so blind

They can’t even see what they’ve left behind.

Wake up fellow men

You all share the same father

Still, you are killing each other.

News flash fellow men

Earth is not yours, but for the future

And the generations that wind blows.

I just don’t understand why you still fight for more

When you’ll eventually die, and others’ll inherit all.

It’s a silly game you play, Where all players must die

For you are the predators and the prey, at the same time.

However it’s the players that change

But the game is still the same

They’ve played it too much

That death has become their middle name.

But I’m afraid that one day we’ll blend,

In this horrible killing trend.

So will many generations ahead

Until one day, the river of life clots with dead,

That’s when we can say: The End.


This poem was written by: Imad El-Khoury of Beirut Evangelical School for Girls and Boys - B.E.S.G.B. Rabieh


About the author: My name is Imad El-Khoury. I live in Rabieh, Lebanon. I'm a student at B.E.S.G.B., Rabieh. I love to write and express my thoughts in anyway, especially on paper. Now, thanks to these contests, my English teacher and my school, I can share these thoughts and writings with others.