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Dream Quest One First Poetry Prize
Winner - SUMMER 2015
of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada




"Legendary Strongman"


Within the region of Napierville, Quebec a youth was born,

Living in times of wretched poverty and deeply religious scorn.

Awarded a rare GOD-given talent, so he was chosen at random,

Bodily Strength was the essence that brought him joy and stardom.


He also decided to venture with the Montreal police force

Amidst its' dangers, it was a profession to become too coarse.

His family was very proud of his great physical prowess,

As a devoted farmer, his work had become a wide success.


In the States, this large man was hired to a specific scheme,

Transporting bricks with the help of a harnessed plow-team.

He was given five hours, yet he was able to complete it in two,

Without any such forms of assistance, his job was quite thorough.


Among the carnival circuit, he was certainly made a celebrity,

The income he received gave him a future of prosperity.

Being binded and pitted by Clydesdales, he was triumphant.

Also as a wide circus attraction, his name was made prominent.


Traveling the world, he was reputed as a renowned competitor,

At his peak, he wanted to retire in to become a hotel proprietor.

He enjoyed parading his wife on a platter, their Love was glowing;

Tending to customers, fine hosts gave the public a live showing.


A daughter came to this joyous couple, it was truly marital bliss,

Like Samson, his hair loss had caused his strength to diminish.

Living a full Life; he passed away at the age of forty-nine,

French-Canadian patriots still have his star continuously shine.


From his humble origins, he was just another dairy farmer;

Striking to everyone, his immense body had been his armor.

Many have failed to succeed his championship, so scoured,

Up to this day, his might was never matched nor overpowered.


#     #     #
 By Gracie-Jean Lovemark




 About me: Tri-lingual drafter, genealogist and historian, I certainly enjoy literally narrating true points of almost forgotten pieces of past events which one will never learn in a classroom. Also, I take the pleasure of creating science fiction short stories where one's imagination can briefly travel through the adventures of Time.