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Dream Quest One Poetry First Prize Winner - Summer 2012

is Ellen Ficarra

of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina







Like some overly large television screen,

the mirror covers one entire wall of our bedroom, reflecting all movement of life,

daylight, sunlight, the coming of night, moonlight, early morning gloom —

always revealing the truth of what takes place in that room.

For so many years, we were avid spectators to the reflections in that same mirror,

bodies entwined, no beginning, no end, aflame with love, passion,

until exhaustion sent us, sated, to sleep, spoon fashion, on each other’s arms.


Old now, frail, those former emotions seems to have evolved

into a more brother/sisterly devotion, rather than that consuming, searing fire,

nothing now able to inspire, restore, relight that flame, so long extinguished,

our existence now distinguished by its tranquility but, in truth,

                   also by boredom, by unspoken fright.


Like some TV reality show, the mirror, at night, continues to reflect without mercy,

depicting our bodies as they are now, wrinkled, pale,

white hair like a halo about our heads,

our bed, a sanctuary into which we crawl at end of day,

                      no musky odor of sex pervading the room,

                      only the faint, sweet odor of decay.


Damn that mirror!


It shows not the deep affection that still exists,

the tender goodnight kiss, that replaces the former all-consuming sex,

                                          the holding of hands, bony feet touching,

this pathos of re-enactment breaking the hearts of the aged viewers

                                          lying high on their pillows,

shaken by the figures in the mirror, so still, they resemble death,

                                          until one notices each breath, emitting sighs,

                                          hoping, without hope,

                                          the mirror lies!



About the author:
Ellen Ficarra. Born in 1926. Former Owner/Operator B & B in Myrtle Beach. Retired. Married. Writer of Childrens Books. Music & Lyrics. Serious Poetry & Prose/Poetry. Member of Society Children's Book Writers & Illustrators, Poet Society of South Carolina. Poets Society America, Musicians Network, "Little Stray Cat and Other Poetic Tails", an Illustrated Children's Book, now on Amazon.com, for PC's and KINDLE.