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Dream  Quest One Third Writing Prize Winner
Elizabeth Dang
Cordova, Tennessee - USA



          Once there was a village called Elfamania. Elfs lived there. Elfamania was shaped like an elfs head. In Elfamania there was a castle. The castle was tall, big and wide. Inside the castle there was a dining room. Inside the dining room were six chairs. One was for the Princess. The princess’ name was Elfalisha. Her parent’s names were Queen Quela and King Kang. The queen, king and their helper Sinistro were the only people In Elfamania who have names with no “Elf’ in it. Elfalisha was 7 years old. Quela the queen was about 69 years old while Kang the king was 73 years old. People were sometimes welcomed to have dinner with the princess, the queen and the king. The queen and king had six guards. Two guards watched for strangers on the top of the castle. Two took care of the drawbridge. Then the other two guarded the king and queen’s jewels and gold.

          King Kang and Queen Quela’s helper Sinistro was a very bad guy because he came from Midst Strolly Town (an evil city). He moved to Elfamania after his house was burn down by a humongous fire. King Kang and Queen Quela hired Sinistro because they did not know that he was evil. Everyone who came from Midst Strolly Town was evil. They stole each other’s things; they burned down houses and kill each other. Sinistro’s uncle was a bad wizard who taught him evil tricks and gave him a hypnotizing ring and a cloak. Sinistro had a pet dragon named Rascal. Rascal was 90,000 years old. Rascal loved to eat fish with ketchup and human eyeballs.

          When Elfalisha was 6 years old she met an old lady who lived next to the castle. The old lady’s name was Rosa-Elf. She was 81 years old. All the old persons in Elfamania were poor because they can’t work anymore. Every morning Elfalisha would go to visit her friend the old lady. They would go to


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the candy store, fold stuff out of paper and go on a tour of each other’s gardens. They also like to trick Sinistro. Elfalisha and Rosa-Elf always loved to visit each other.

          One day Sinistro put sleeping spells over the guards and then hypnotized the queen and king with his hypnotizing ring. He made them gather gold and put it into his truck. By the time all the gold was in the truck he unhypnotized them. King Kang, Queen Quela and the guards didn’t remember what happened. That night when Elfalisha came to check on the gold it was gone. “Where could it be?” She wondered. On the way back to tell the king and queen the gold was gone, she saw something sparkle in Sinistro’s truck. When she got there she peeked inside and saw hundreds million pieces of gold! Before she walked away from the truck, she spotted a strip of paper that said “Leaving on Sunday.” She also saw something with a round gray rock and a square shaped glass in the middle of the rock. It was Sinistro’s hypnotizing ring beside the stripe of paper. Then she thought he could have hypnotized the queen and king. Elfalisha had to stop Sinistro.

          The next day, Elfalisha told old lady Rosa-Elf about the million pieces of gold, the strip of paper, and the hypnotizing ring and about Sinistro. They both went off to find Sinistro. When they asked him about the gold in the truck he said, “The queen and king did it.” The sentence gave Elfalisha and Rosa-Elf a big clue. Now they knew Sinistro had hypnotized the queen and king. Elfalisha and Rosa-Elf went to tell the queen and king about them being hypnotized and took all the gold to Sinistro’s truck. The queen and king thought they were joking and didn’t believe them.

          That night Rosa-Elf took the ring from Sinistro’s truck and showed it to the king and queen. They finally believed it was true. King Kang, Queen Quela and two guards went to arrest Sinistro. They thought Sinistro was in the basement of the castle. He wasn’t. They looked in the attic and saw


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footsteps. They followed the strange footsteps. The strange footsteps ended at the guest room where Sinistro sleeps. They heard a strange noise and they saw the bed go up and down. It looked like someone was jumping on the bed! They couldn’t see anyone on it. Then they noticed a pair of shoes on the bed. They are Sinistro’s shoes and they are jumping on the bed!! How did Sinistro disappear?!

          The next two days, Elfalisha and Rosa-Elf were looking everywhere for Sinistro and they saw a cloak in Sinistro’s closet, which they have never seen before. Elfalisha and Rosa-Elf were curious about the cloak. They carefully took the cloak and showed it to Queen Quela and King Kang. The king thought the cloak would make a perfect cape for himself. But when he tried it on everyone thought he disappeared. When he took the cloak off he was back where he was. Now they all knew the cloak was used to make people invisible. Sinistro used it to make himself invisible when they trying to arrest him.

          That very same night, King Kang and Queen Quela had a terrible nightmare. They dreamed that Sinistro had wrecked the palace, kill Elfalisha, Rosa-Elf and themselves and become king! When they woke up they were afraid. After breakfast, the queen and king ran out of the castle. They went to find the fortuneteller and the wise man in the village. They asked the fortuneteller and the wise man what their dream meant. They both said: “It means Sinistro would one day steal all the gold in Elfamania and be the richest person in the world and become king!” King Kang and Queen Quela thought this would be true. They didn’t want this to happen to them. They were determined to stop Sinistro but didn’t know how to find him.

          Sinistro got tired of hiding and went to ask the village fortuneteller if he would become king because he was so rich! The fortuneteller said, “Yes.” Sinistro was so excited he couldn’t wait! So he told his dragon Rascal and

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they ran to Sinistro’s truck. They were about to leave Elfamania when the guards saw them and started chasing after them. Rascal tried to warn Sinistro about the guards but Sinistro won’t listen. Then the guards caught up and one of them poked a hole in one of the wheels. The dragon Rascal then ate that guard’s spear and the guard ran away. The spear got stuck in the dragon’s throat. The dragon roared, he roared so loud that Elfalisha, Rosa-Elf and the Queen and King heard him. They came running after the guards. By the time they got there the guards had open the truck door and let all the gold fall out of the truck. Villagers came running to see what happened. They saw the dragon Rascal dead, Sinistro got arrested, and the ground covered with gold! The King and Queen gave a piece of gold to each poor villager and two pieces of gold to Rosa-Elf and Elfalisha. All the villagers cheered and went back to their houses. Rosa-Elf and Elfalisha went back to the castle and had dinner with Queen Quela and King Kang. Nobody is poor in Elfmania anymore and everyone is happy!
# # #
By Elizabeth Dang (age: 7)