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Dream Quest One Second Poetry Prize Winner -
 Summer - 2017
of Tampa, Florida - USA

“Some People” 

By Daniela Silva


Some people enjoy the safety of lines and shapes, parallel and crooked alike.

Some people are content living by commissioned borders, tucked neatly in between regulated right angles.

Some people enjoy dotted lines or spacious cubes.

Some people build admirable lives out of triangles and circles.

Some people live in fear of an edgeless world.

But not you. 

No, you scoff at templates and calculations.

You glare symmetry into submission.

Jellied and new, you fell onto the page and frantically rubbed out the scribbling left by those who walked the page before you.

Some people find your methods distressing.

But not me.

Because the second your small hands made their mark on the blank surface and your timid smile stretched wildly, surpassing any crescent in its brilliance,

I knew.

 You and I, we were definitely not

 Some people.

#    #    #
About the poet: 

I am a journalism student at University of Southern California and I believe that words alter lives significantly. ~Daniela Silva