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Dream Quest One Second Poetry Prize Winner -
Summer 2016
of Anthony, Kansas - USA



The healing stones now resting

Fondled and smoothed by 

Fingers as gently as Hail Mary beads

Of those seeking grace - questing new life

Now stilled by hands uncertain of 

Direction or destiny, begging to rise

Like the Phoenix from fiery ashes.

The colors of agates, crystals,

And rose quartz, erased and tossed

Into brackish waters, lashing

At the seaside, salty on tongues

Speak to Gods, crouching

And praying on knees with 

Bowed heads, requesting miracles-

Sometimes answered, sometimes not.

Uncertainty, soaked in blood and stains

Of grassy patches drift outward,

Sealed in jars, wedged in ghost-ship

Gallows, to be tasted by sea nymphs,

Mermaids, and saved by fishermen

Casting reels off wooden bridges.

When opened- a breath, a whisper,

A sigh escapes and drifts along

Corals swallowed up, then spit back.

The Queen of Hearts, the dreamers

All with black diamond crowns, scribbling

Journal entries will await with nets

On coasts of oceans and impatient streams.

 #   #   # 


“The Healing Stones”

By Dana Young
About the poet:
I live in the quiet tiny town of Anthony, KS where I work as a nurse. I love to travel & talk to my dogs. Due to this mundane lifestyle, I write as my therapy!