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Put the camera down; give it its well-earned break,

And let your memory do its job.

Stop watching the world through that 2-inch LCD screen

You brag so much about

And let your eyes see the vivid colors the world holds.

The bright blues, and dark greens,

The gentle pinks and purples and oranges

Of the setting sun that last ever so slightly

Before fading into nothingness.

Let them watch the way a breeze can ever so slightly move a tree,

See the emotion that faces really hold,

Not those phony smiles they plaster on for the flash

Before the faces fade back to the

Heartache, love, hatred, joy, disappointment, and happiness they usually hold.

Skip freely,

Run as fast as you can,

Hold on tight,

Otherwise you’re left in the dust,

Splash in the ocean waves

And feel the salt bathe your skin

Without the worries of dropping your beloved camera,

Because I bet all it wants,

With its 2-inch LCD screen capturing every moment

Is to break and have its job be done,

So it can do you a favor and let you see the world

As it’s supposed to be seen,

Remembering what you remember, forgetting what you forget

And watching those colors of the sunset fade into nothingness

Knowing that your memory captured it all.
By Claire Trainor