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Just in Case

I bought two hats

In case

One blew off

I took two apples

Just in case

I bought two parrots

In case

One flew away

I made two keys

In case

I lost one

I made two friends

Just in case

I worshipped two gods

In case

One failed me

I revered two saints

Just in case

I loved two men

In case

One left me

I wanted two children

Just in case.

A poem written by Barbara Peabody

I am a professional artist (painter & photographer) and have lived in the southwest for 40 years, am bilingual (Spanish), and have also lived, traveled and exhibited my art in Latin America. My first book was published in 1986, "The Screaming Room." I established the first AIDS art program in the U.S. as well as HIV/AIDS counseling & advocacy & co-founded co-operative art galleries, as well as raising 5 children.