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"Finding the Key to Autism"


No speech, no eye contact, it’s hard to deal,

No one in this world knows how I feel.

She lost it all, and no one knew,

Why the speech she had, took off and flew.

I couldn’t believe, I was in shock,

That because of her problem some kids mock.

They mock her, mock me,

But they don’t see,

To unlock this problem there is no key.

I called her name, times on end.

No response and nothing will mend,

The sadness I hold in my heart,

Knowing she had a rough start.

Not just there, but throughout her life,

Is something she and I have to fight.

No matter how far she comes along,

Everyone knows there is something wrong.

Everything brings me back to that tragic day,

The day she wouldn’t talk; wouldn’t play.

She lost herself and I always pray,

That I’ll find the key; that there is a way.

by Aubrey Lovejoy

(Age: 14) - I've been writing since I was six years old. I've had a poem published in two newspapers. I play 4 sports: soccer, basketball, softball and tennis. My poem is dedicated to my younger sister who is autistic. I write mostly short stories, but I'm starting to write more poetry.