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“A Single Rose”


I was a single rose

That just didn’t fit in

With the garden of wildflowers

Where I was forced to grow

Others thought I was unique and wonderful

But inside I felt alone

And was untrue to myself

As I tried to be a wildflower too

But then you came to rescue me

And even though my thorns

Sometimes drew blood

From your caring fingers

You worked hard to carefully uproot me

Gently untangling my twisted roots

And replanting me in my own space

Where I could grow

 To be the beautiful rose

 You knew I was always meant to be

 You nurtured me patiently

Bringing light into my life

And watering me with my own tears

Until I was no longer afraid

To reach for the sun myself

And to show the world

What a beautiful rose

I now know I am

By Andrea M. Gratton

of Essex Junction, Vermont -USA

Andrea M. Gratton: “I recently turned 17 and with the new year came a rediscovery of my passion for writing and my dream of being a writer. I have struggled through my teenage years, as the poem I am submitting suggests, and writing has become my escape from the troubles I face. I dream of being a published writer so as to inspire others and send a message to other teenagers that they are not alone. Thank you for Keeping my dream alive!