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"Day Dreams at Night Time"


I’m going on an adventure now the world has grown all dark,

While all the world is sleeping on a journey I embark.

The night becomes my soft warm stair on with I climb away

Into a world of dreams and joy and everlasting day

I run, I fly, I soar through clouds not knowing if I’ll stop.

Where wizards cast and dragons roar from every mountaintop.

For each adventure brave and strong the heroes and villains wield
Enchanted swords from distant lands and brightly shadowed shields.

With them I go on magic quests where winds and rapids flow

To storm a fortress, journey far, building legends as we go

Where castles bend and towers fall with creatures taking flight

In the darkest caverns of fearful beasts are treasures shining bright.

In realms so strange and worlds so fair I see a wondrous fate

For courage always wins the day in a world that I create.

And when its time to wake at last I feel no great concern

Because my world will wait unchanged until I can return.

 If asleep or if awake it matters not you see.

My world is real, within my reach, if only just for me.

By Amanda B. Mason

(Age: 30) - History teacher at a magnet school. I have always enjoyed telling stories, which is what history is all about! I have also written poetry since I was in school, and look forward to sharing it with others.