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Beautiful People

You come into my life and I am stunned by you, you beautiful people.

The things you say. The things you create.

The way your mouth moves. I’m awestruck.

I just want to sit back on the wall, like a fly and observe you.

I want to absorb you.

Then my beautiful people, you leave.

You do ugly things.

When it’s time to fly, I find that I’ve stuck myself to the wrong part of the wall.

I’m stuck observing and absorbing.

Oh beautiful people, you are so hard to loathe, so I loathe myself.

I wish I could harden and become the wall.

The wall is cold. The wall is reflective.

It only absorbs the deep vibrations of the earth.

And with those vibrations, the heartbeat of life.

But what is a heartbeat to a wall?

The blood in my veins warms my fingertips, so that I may touch many.

Those same fingertips reach out.

They hold tight to the warmth of another.

I reach out to you, my beautiful people.

I reach with my fingertips, my blood, my heart.

But, I can’t hold tight to you.

I found a bitter pill where I sought warmth.

My fingertips curled hard, but could not hold themselves.

I wish I could say I was through with you, my beautiful people.

But I’m awestruck.

I feel the heat of my eyelids meeting.

I can’t see clearly until I close my eyes.

The beauty of my own being, I too easily overlook.

I, too, say beautiful things. I create beautiful things.

I am beautiful, too.

By Alyssandra Nighswonger

(Age: 23) I'm a songwriter in Long Beach. I host an open mic at the Viento y Agua Coffee House and live with Ellen, the amazing piano player on my band. We make music all the time. I'm a recording student at Long Beach City College. I work at Disneyland as a letterbrush artist, in which is pretty much the best part time job ever. Biggest Influences: Harry Nillson, Nick Drake, Paul Simon, Mason Williams and Alma Luz Villanueva.