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Dream Quest One Second Writing Prize Winner
A.C. Fernandez
Witchita Falls, Texas - USA

If I Dared To Dream


I am not much of one to dream, for dreaming to me is like prayer, and I never know if it is going to come to fruition or not, therefore having fifty-fifty odds, I choose to go a more practical road and take life as it comes. “If something is put in front of me that I can change or have an impact upon in some way, I will make an effort to do so, otherwise, I look upon this world around me and wonder, just wonder, and wish, but we all know “only fairies make wishes come true.”


If I dared to dream when you looked upon a star and made a wish from the deepest regions of your heart, it would come true, just like the old Disney song, “When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are, everything your heart desires will come to you.” And that would be the truth, be it young or old, rich or poor, no matter what country in which you lived, the star would hear your wish, your longing, and it would come true, and you would be blessed, no matter what the desire.


If I dared to dream, I would travel to third world countries to work with children with AIDS in orphanages, but when I arrived, there would be empty halls and dorm rooms filled with beds long ago abandoned, for there would be no more orphans and no more children with AIDS filled impoverished nations. There would be a cure for this disease and those it has afflicted would be cured and the children without homes would be provided with a loving family and roofs over their heads, food on their tables, teachers, and spiritual guides to help lead them in their lives so they can become happy, successful, safe individuals with families of their own.


If I dared to dream, there would be no genocide. There would be no battle between cultures, which would create the need to destroy a people. There would be peace between religions, sects, governmental denominations and all would be able to live freely and safely amongst one another. None would choose to attempt to annihilate the other by means of murder. There would be respect for the differences in people and the choices they make to believe what they choose, and also, the means into which they were born. There would be no machetes, no rifles, and no beatings. There would be peace among the people, and one would never have to live in fear for who they are and what they believe.


If I dared to dream, when I looked around me there would be no more animals without homes. There would be no more strays on the streets at the mercy of the elements or other animals or human beings. They would have families to take care of them, feed them, and give them a warm, safe place to sleep. They would be spayed or neutered, have all of their shots, and checked for diseases. They would live there until they died of natural causes instead of the alternatives of the risks of living out on the streets where there is so much danger. They would be loved, as they deserve to be loved as beautiful living creatures.


If I dared to dream, there would be one Great Spirit, though called by many names. There would be no perfect religion. No one which claims to have the absolute truth and denies any other as being wrong or one whose followers will be destroyed if they do not believe the same way. The leaders of these faiths would gather together and be able to commune peacefully and work together to bring peace to this world and share their beliefs and faiths with everyone without distinction or hesitation. If one does not believe in a certain way, they will not be shamed and will have the freedom to choose the faith, which suits them and their belief system. Each faith will understand their God, be it Buddha, Allah, Christ, Martin Luther, etc. are all great teachers and spiritual icons, but there is only one true God which can be reached freely by which ever faith one chooses to follow. There will be no fear of retribution for speaking of one’s faith, no matter what it is in what circumstances, and all will be respected.


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If I dared to dream, there would be no poverty. Impoverished nations and cultures would have means to earn money legally and fruitfully and would not be under the hammer of any of the governmental strongholds, which try to use their iron fist to keep them down. There would be no babies with swollen stomachs; flies swarming their eyes, and broken women with proud face holding them. There would be no over abundance of deaths due to starvation and disease. There would be no lack of energy, heat, housing, food, health care, or education. The people would flourish and create nations that would be strong and independent and proud, worthy of the people who live in them.


If I dared to dream, when I walked along the city streets, I would see no alcoholics or drug addicts. There would be no excessive gamblers or addicts of any kind. People would be free of these paralyzing and potentially deadly diseases. They would live lives of freedom and prosperity. They would be respectable, productive members of society and more importantly, they would feel as such, feel human, alive, not dying due to the nature of their addictions. They would learn they are equal to any other individual and no longer suffer at the hands of righteous indignation from those who do not understand the nature of the disease of addiction. They would understand the meaning of life without emotional, psychological, and physical bondage to their addiction of choice.


If I dared to dream there would be no crime. People all across the world would be safe, men, women, and children. There would be no fear in anyone’s eyes. There would be no need for law enforcement as there would be no need for laws. A hand would never be raised against any human being in this world. Doors would be unlocked and windows would be left open to allow fresh air to come into homes without fear. A person could walk the streets alone without fear of being assaulted, and a community would come together to be part of making sure their streets were safe. A neighbor would be a neighbor, and a friend would be a friend. A child could play in a playground, come home from school, meet a stranger, and never, ever be in jeopardy of being harmed. There would be no fear in anyone’s eyes when a someone unknown approached for one would feel safe no matter where they were or the time of day. When one would say, “I am not afraid of you.” It would be the greatest compliment, as it would mean absolute truth and friendship to have no fear of another person.


If I dared to dream, women would not live in fear for their lives and safety. They would be allowed to study and gain educations, marry outside of their social system and to the person, whom they choose, walk proudly with their beautiful faces and hair shining in the sunlight, and not fear genital mutilation. They would learn independence from a young age and be taught their bodies belong to them, and they have choices as to whom they share their bodies with. They would be given options, choices, and learn they are gifted, intelligent, talented, amazing, powerful, and not be taught how they look is the key factor to their future. Women would not be beaten and stoned for speaking their mind or “shaming their family”; they would be free and not bound by their social structures defining their every move.


If I dared to dream, there would be no unnecessary killing of animals. Animals would roam the lands freely and safely. They would have their domain in which to flourish, as it was when time began before the population of human beings began to overtake their country. They would populate, and their population would regulate by natural causes, not by the hands of man and his avarice, his greed, and desire to make trophies of such beautiful creatures. In my dream, I would walk to their faces and take them in my hand and look into their eyes and they would know I love them and would protect them with my life if need be. They would have no fear, nor would I, we would be one at that moment, brethren walking this earth together, surviving together, living together.


If I dared to dream, there would be no mental illness. There would be no suffering as a result of disease of the mind. People would be at peace within themselves and would no longer struggle at the


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hands of internal psychological pain. They would become one with themselves and the universe and experience a freedom they have never experienced before, no longer held hostage by the chains that bound them psychologically. They would no longer fear, no longer hate, no longer experience an imbalance that holds no explanation, for they would be able to rest peacefully and truly know the meaning of freedom from the pain of the battle raging within.


If I dared to dream, there would be no war. No battles between countries. No need for fighting. No hatred. Men, women, and children could walk the streets safely and sleep in their beds without the sound of machine guns and bombs going off, fearing for their lives. They will know their home would be there tomorrow, their neighbor’s home, and their city. There would be no governmental overthrows from nation to nation, no dictatorships, no need for one country to enter another country and create havoc and devastation so great it destroys people’s lives forever. Let the people be safe. Let them live in freedom and comfort. Let them live in safety, without fear. Let them life in cultures defined by the people and for the people. Let there be no greed. Let there be no hatred between nations. Let there be peace in this world.


If I dared to dream, there would be no prejudice. There would be singing amongst the people, and the song would be in a unison blended with many different voices from many different races. There would be hands held with no need for washing afterwards. Love would be allowed between the races without need for explanation or apology, and one would not fear for their safety as a result of the color of their skin or the status of their social system, choice of religion, gender, or choice of gender. Children would be taught to respect one another, not to fear the differences, for bigotry is based in fear not love. A growing people would come of this and a change to this world would come about that would leave eyes glowing with a hint that something beautiful is happening in this world that has never happened before.


If I dared to dream, I could hear the song of the Spirits in the wind. I could hear the Ancients speaking to me as I listened, and I could gain a better understanding of the meaning of being part of this world and the path that I am upon. I could pray and pray, wish upon that star that I see in the sky that my heart could be filled with a love for this life, a passion so great that I am left breathless and weak by the beauty that is this earth. For truly it is a gift to be given this thing called life and all that I am blessed with as a result of living. In my dream, I would speak to the Ancients and thank them for communicating with me. I would slumber with them, commune with them, and learn from them at every opportunity, trying to evolve as a human being walking this earth sometimes stumbling along the way as we all do.


If I dared to dream. If I dared to pray. If I dared to wish 


Where is that fairy that may make them come true?

 # # #

By A.C. Fernandez